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If you're looking for an easy and automated way to keep your drivers, passengers and cargo safe and secure, MiX Journey Management is the answer


The right tools can make light work for our customers who need to comply with stringent HSE regulations


When fleet operators are suitably equipped, the result is a guaranteed increase in profitability


Identifying and correcting bad driver behavior is the first step to reducing risk and increasing safety levels
A global provider of Fleet Management, Driver Safety and Vehicle Tracking services and solutions
Manage driver fatigue and driving hours with MiX Hours of Service (HOS) to lessen risk and reduce fatigue-related incidents
  • Our fleet management solutions improve profitability and efficiency while significantly reducing operating costs.

    The MiX Telematics range of products and services is proven to boost efficiency by improving fuel consumption, driver behavior and utilization. A fleet management solution that is implemented properly pays for itself in less than 12 months.

    With our solutions, your fleet can be more efficient.

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  • Safety

    Our fleet management solutions reduce risk and increases safety levels

    The MiX Telematics range of products and services is proven to reduce risk by identifying bad driver behaviour. By correcting and improving driver behaviour, significant reductions in fuel consumption is achieved as well as reductions in maintenance costs.

    With our solutions, your fleet can be safer.

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  • Compliance

    Our fleet management solutions enable customers to comply with health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations

    The MiX Telematics range of products and services help customers maintain the highest possible levels of safety and compliance.

    Our fleet management solutions include tools that can be customized to specific country and industry regulations, including the Oil and Gas industry:

    • Hours of Service Management
    • Journey Management (plan versus actual)
    • Driver behaviour monitoring and driver training
    • Speed Management (NTSA in Kenya)
    With our solutions, your fleet can be HSE compliant.

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  • Security

    Our fleet management solution is much more than just vehicle tracking

    The MiX Telematics range of products and services help protect drivers and the security of commercial fleets.

    Our key security offerings include real-time and historical tracking, vehicle and trailer tracking:
    • Pinpoint the exact location of vehicles and trailers
    • Reduce unauthorized trips
    • Identify drivers and control vehicle access with Driver ID tags
    • Monitor and improve risky driver behaviour
    • Make use of ‘eyes on screen’ monitoring for high-value cargo
    • Reduce asset theft and abuse

    With our solutions, your fleet and drivers can be secure.

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