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In our continued drive to support and service our customers as sufficiently and as quickly as possible, we have built a dealer network model where your first line support in most instances will be in country as well as in your own language. Over and above that we have expanded our expertise from a support level and have a dedicated team that can take care of any issues that might arise on either hardware or software. This portal can be accessed from any smart device or computer through multiple avenues. Through a URL, social media or a QR code you have the support team at your fingertips.

How we operate

We rely on our in country dealer network to support you on a daily basis and should the team realise any hurdles the Tier 2 support team will find the solution. We use a ticketing system to ensure the details are clear to minimise the turnaround times and ensure no broken links in the chain.

How to log a support ticket

There are 3 different ways to log a support ticket for assistance with the issues you might face.

  1. You can log a ticket using https://roamixtelematics.freshdesk.com/support/home landing page and registering only once to have access to solutions at the click of a mouse.
  2. You can use Social media to make us aware of an issue or problem faced by sending a tweet to our handle @RoaSupport (perhaps we can add the twitter icon)
  3. Use your smart phone and our QR code to ensure problem solving is fast and efficient.

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