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MA Cargo

Tanzania | 141 | Transport and Distribution

In less than three years, Tanzania-based cargo carrier MA Cargo achieved a long list of results using MiX Fleet Manager. With improvements including a 40% reduction in accidents in just one year, it comes as no surprise that MA Cargo plans to continue using MiX Fleet Manager to keep their fleet of 141 vehicles operating safely and efficiently.

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KK Traveller

Uganda | 24 | Transport and Distribution

Ugandan bus operator KK Traveller has made a name for themselves in the wider region when it comes to the reliability of their services. With a fleet of 24 comfortable coaches, KK Travellers strives for excellent service, meaning customer and driver safety is at the forefront of their vision. So when five fatal collisions occurred in one year, they knew that action was needed.

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Super Star Forwarders

Tanzania | 203 | Transport and Distribution

Super Star Forwarders Co. Limited (SSF) has been in the transport logistics business for over 30 years, providing customized transport solutions for multinational corporations across East and Central Africa. With stringent HSE policies and customer service as priorities, SSF understood the importance of implementing a reliable fleet management solution in order to maintain their leading position in the region.

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Tanzania | 280 | Transport and Distribution

Transcargo in Tanzania chose MiX Fleet Manager Premium. They were immediately able to track and monitor their assets and drivers in real-time.

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H&M Removals

South Africa | 35 | Transport and Distribution

With over 24 years of experience transporting household and office furniture across South Africa, H&M Removals has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in the furniture removals and self-storage business. In April 2013, H&M Removals took the safety of its customers' belongings to a new level: The company's fleet of 35 vehicles needed on-board vehicle telematics to maximize the safety of en-route freight and improve the running costs of day-to-day operations.

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CEMEX Colombia

Colombia | 350 | Construction

CEMEX is one of the largest suppliers of cement, concrete and aggregate in Colombia and currently has customers in over 50 countries. With an operating fleet of 350 vehicles, CEMEX recognized that small changes to their employees’ driving styles coupled with new ways of managing fleet maintenance could improve road safety and achieve significant savings in the long term.

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Mozzie Cabs

South Africa | 43 | Transport and Distribution

Mozzie Cabs provides a 24/7 metered taxi service to Durban’s tourists and local residents, and has become one of the oldest and best-known taxi brands in the region. To ensure its passengers experience the safest and most reliable service possible, Mozzie Cabs recognised the need for a system that could actively monitor each vehicle’s location and provide detailed reports on each driver’s behaviour.

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Reading Buses

United Kingdom | 181 | Public Transport

Reading Buses has been transporting passengers in and around Reading, Berkshire, for over 100 years. Despite their heritage that dates back to 1903 when the company was formed, Reading Buses prides itself on their forward-thinking approach to technology, and dedication to their customers and the greater community. In looking to improve overall fuel consumption and reduce fuel spend among other aims, Reading Buses chose MiX Telematics and saw remarkable results in only nine months.

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Vista 4WD Hire

Australia | 100 | Rental and Leasing

Vista 4WD Hire provides short- and medium-term four-wheel drive rentals to customers in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. With a fleet of 100 vehicles, the company has built a reputation for providing vehicles with the right safety specifications for off-road applications. To maintain this high standard, Vista 4WD Hire installed a MiX Telematics In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) in 30 of their vehicles, which enabled them to monitor the vehicles’ locations, driver behavior and condition data.

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Balloo Hire

Ireland | 24 | Transport and Distribution

Balloo Hire operates a mixed fleet of delivery and service vehicles to transport hire equipment and attend scheduled maintenance visits. As a trusted supplier to large productions, a reputation for reliability and efficiency is of the upmost importance. So, in order to maintain its reputation as a valued supplier, the company chose a MiX Telematics solution to keep their fleet in check and encourage good driver behavior.

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Ewing Bros

Ireland | 25 | Transport and Distribution

Ewing Bros specialises in the haulage of temperature-controlled and dry goods carried on flats, curtainsiders and euroliners throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. Due to the nature of the business, one of the organisation's key drivers for implementation was to reduce fuel costs. The company implemented the MiX Fleet Manager solution with RIBAS over three years ago and have since been using the system to successfully improve visibility and monitor fuel usage.

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North Down Grains

Ireland | 8 | Transport and Distribution

North Down Grain, based in Northern Ireland, chose MiX Fleet Manager, MiX’s flagship fleet management solution that allows customers to manage, monitor and measure the performance of their vehicles and drivers. Their aim? Working with fleet consultant Dron Kyle, to bring down fuel costs and improve fleet efficiency through monitoring driving events such as over-revving, excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and over speeding.

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France | 600 | Oil and Gas

CGG is a large global company specializing in oil, gas and mining exploration spanning the Americas, Europe and the Far East. In particular, they provide clients with three-dimensional mapping of the subsoil in exploratory areas. In choosing a MiX Telematics fleet management solution, the company's key objective was to reduce their accident rate. This was achieved by being able to track their vehicles and monitor their drivers' speeds and driving behaviors.

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North Wales Fire and Rescue Service

United Kingdom | 116 | Emergency Services

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is forward-thinking blue light emergency service based in North Wales. Their support fleet of 116 vehicles have all been equipped with a MiX Telematics solution for over 10 years. The initial incentives for implementation were largely around vehicle utilization and visibility, but the Fleet Department has been successful in adding a long list of additional benefits associated with fleet optimization.

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Richmond’s Coaches

United Kingdom | 23 | Public Transport

Long-standing Bus and Coach customer Richmond’s Coaches recently migrated to MiX Fleet Manager, which reports into the new and improved DynaMiX software platform. The enhanced reporting and tracking functionality has resulted in many tangible benefits for the company, including 24/7 access to their fleet data, a full view of their vehicles’ locations, a reduction in fuel spend and an improvement on overall driver performance.

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Barlows Electrics

United Kingdom | 180 | Service Fleets

Barlows Electrics UK Limited, based in Malpas in Cheshire, is a major electrical contractor. They use MiX Fleet Manager to manage their vehicles and drivers, and rely heavily on the system to monitor activity and communicate arrival times to customers. According to Fleet Manager Mark Barlow, it gives them tighter control of their fleet, and enables them to make sensible decisions using solid, accurate data.

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Wrings Transport

United Kingdom | 62 | Transport and Distribution

When UK-based Wrings Transport needed to improve efficiency and driver behavior across their mixed fleet of 62, they chose the MiX Fleet Manager solution and MiX’s in-cab driver feedback device, the RIBAS Display. Not only has Wrings been able to meet all their telematics objectives and make their fleet operation safer and more efficient as a result, but the system has proved financially valuable too.

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A.W. Lumb

United Kingdom | 25 | Transport and Distribution

A trusted supplier of all building materials to many trade customers including national house builders, civil engineers, local authorities and small developers, A.W Lumb recognized that in order to operate a tight delivery service, it needed to have complete visibility of its vehicles. They required a solution to provide a reliable means of tight planning, scheduling and accurate data that would enable them to make informed spot decisions.

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Tekwani Sawmills

South Africa | 62 | Transport and Distribution

This success story pertains to KZN-based Tekwani Sawmills and the results they achieved after their first installation of a MiX Telematics fleet management solution. Fitted in partnership with channel partner Compass FM, the robust and efficient system allowed Tekwani to monitor their fleet at all times throughout the day, as well as access productivity information that minimized manual capture work.

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Barloworld Transport

South Africa | 15 | Transport and Distribution

This case study relates to a transport solution delivered by Barloworld Transport for their customer, Meadow Feeds. They sought a reliable telematics solution that would allow Meadow Feeds PMB to track their vehicles and improve the behavior of their drivers, while enhancing the overall productivity of their fleet. The fleet management solution provided by MiX Telematics resulted in a reduction in fuel consumption and impressive savings per month per truck.

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Mpatamacha Game Capture

South Africa | 18 | Transport and Distribution

Mpatamacha Game Capture is a professional game capture organization based in Vaalwater in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Being in the business of transporting live animals, they rely heavily on the safe and efficient operation of their fleet to ensure a healthy bottom line. This is how MiX Telematics, in consultation with Carrus Fleet Management, helped Mpatamacha save fuel and stay efficient.

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Dunns Earthmoving

Australia | 55 | Oil and Gas

When this Australian-based earthmoving company approached channel partner Intellifleet, their goals included to promote safe and efficient driving, monitor their drivers’ shift attendance, and reduce vehicle damage caused by harsh road conditions. Dunns Earthmoving made use of a MiX Telematics fleet management solution to effectively manage their risk, which included tools to support and manage their lone workers. Results included a dramatic shift in driver behavior and a massive driver scoring improvement.

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Red Bus

New Zealand | 120 | Public Transport

Red Bus looks forward to an ongoing return on investment after successfully trialling a MiX Telematics fleet management solution. The New Zealand bus operator, who looks after 3.8 million passengers, is committed to improving safety and efficiency. In addition, the operator is committed to reducing carbon emissions in line with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) fuel efficiency program.

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Germany | 400 | Public Transport

In response to increasing economic demands and rising energy costs, German bus operator, BOGESTRA AG, chose a MiX Telematics fleet management solution. The RIBAS-based solution, installed in partnership with Kienzle Automotive GmbH, was set up to provide the basis of the BOGESTRA AG’s technical and business management infrastructure. The requirements for simplified information transfer and transparency with respect to drivers and holistic project monitoring were the critical factors prompting BOGESTRA to opt for this sustainable fleet management solution.

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Crusader Logistics

South Africa | 28 | Transport and Distribution

In partnership with South African channel partner Compass FM, Crusader Logistics chose a MiX Telematics fleet management solution to track and monitor their fleet of 28 vehicles. Soon after implementation, Crusader Logistics started to experience an improvement in their operational times, and routing and planning for their trips was simplified and improved. They were also able to identify patterns and save on their monthly fuel spend.

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Bush Tyres

United Kingdom | 80 | Transport and Distribution, Utilities

Bush Tyres is a leading independent tire specialist in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. With fuel and insurance premiums being the biggest part of their fleet costs, they were looking for ways to save in those areas while increasing the level of service they offered to their customers. Bush Tyres opted for the MiX DataTrak solution, which helped them achieve their goals.

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ASD Metals

United Kingdom | 107 | Transport and Distribution

ASD Metal Services is the largest mill-independent metal stockholder and distributor in the UK and Ireland. A few years ago, the company realized that, in order to provide the highest level of customer service, they needed a tool that could provide quick access to information regarding vehicle location and availability. Following a careful review of the market, they approached MiX Telematics for a GPS-based track and trace solution and the accompanying MiX Fleet Manager software.

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Abdullah A.M. Al-Khodari Sons Company (KSC)

UAE | 196 | Construction

KSC is one of the largest multi-faceted contracting companies in the Middle East. With illegal practices like “junk yard trading” being common in the area, KSC needed a comprehensive and reliable solution that would enable the company to monitor, track and better manage its vehicles and drivers. The MiX Telematics fleet management solution, implemented in partnership with Fleet Tracking Technologies, did just that, allowing them to detect and minimize abuse of the company’s assets.

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Sheffield City Council

United Kingdom | 170 | Government

Sheffield City Council, through its Transport department, offers transport options to those who have a range of learning and physical disabilities. With mounting pressure to carry on providing this service under increased financial pressures, this customer needed a solution to help better analyze its fleet. MiX Telematics helped put systems in place to monitor vehicles, routes and drivers – with outstanding results.

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Unitrans Agriculture & Mining Services

South Africa | 84 | Mining

Unitrans Fuel’s Agriculture and Mining Division maintains a large customer service footprint in southern and eastern Africa. This division operates over 1,500 vehicles ranging from agricultural tractors to land trains. By partnering with MiX Telematics to introduce driver accountability and tools to monitor performance, Unitrans was able to make huge improvements in safety and efficiency within its fleet.

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Fonterra Milk Collection

Australia | 520 | Transport and Distribution

Fonterra is a New Zealand dairy co-operative, which collects and shares around 22 billion liters of milk each year. The company was looking for a system to improve both driver and public safety, enhance milk collection and truck performance, and manage in excess of 1,500 drivers. In partnership with New Zealand channel partner, Vehicle Technologies, Fonterra installed a MiX Telematics fleet management solution. The results started to show shortly after implementation.

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Public Authority for Electricity and Water, Oman (PAEW)

Oman | 400 | Service Fleets, Utilities

PAEW provides drinking water and power services in the Sultanate of Oman, and is also the regulator for both water and electricity services. The company reported unsafe and poor driver performance, accidents, speeding fines, high maintenance costs and excessive fuel consumption due to personal vehicle use by drivers, resulting in a critical need to proactively manage violations within its fleet. The MiX Telematics fleet management solution, installed in partnership with channel partner FMSi, gave PAEW remarkable results in just three short months.

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Lucien Kunegal (LK) Group

France | 350 | Public Transport

As one of the largest independent passenger transport companies in northeastern France, the Lucien Kunagel Group needed an innovative solution to offset fuel price increases while maintaining high-level passenger comfort. The solution was a MiX Telematics fleet management system that incorporated driver behavior improvement technology. By reducing over-speeding, harsh acceleration and unnecessary idling, the company achieved significant fuel savings, while ensuring a smoother experience for its passengers.

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Germany | 440 | Oil and Gas

This large-scale industrial manufacturing company needed to ensure the highest-possible safety standards when transporting its goods, which include specialty and industrial gases and high-performance surface coatings. The MiX Telematics system the company chose provided peace of mind, as well as the ability to monitor compliance with its strict driver codes in real-time.

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Avita Coffee & Provision Inc.

United States | > 10 | Transport and Distribution, Service Fleets

When excessive fuel usage and time spent outside of delivery routes began affecting this company’s bottom line, MiX Telematics was asked to implement a system to improve efficiency, monitor each driver and reduce fuel usage. The comprehensive tracking and driver monitoring solution has enabled the company to take on new customers without having to expand its fleet.

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Cardiff Bus

United Kingdom | 220 | Public Transport

Unable to pass rising fuel costs onto its passengers, Cardiff Bus needed to find a way of reducing fuel costs without cutting routes. The best option was to install a comprehensive MiX Telematics system that relies on accurate, real-time data to monitor and influence fuel consumption. The system is further capable of boosting ride comfort, reducing the risk of vehicle damage or accidents and monitors engine temperature.

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Carey England

United Kingdom | 180 | Service Fleets, Utilities

Carey England is a premium, 180-vehicle strong chauffeur service with a string of high-profile clients across the UK. To guarantee its clients’ pick-up times and reduce the risk of running late, the company installed a real-time vehicle location system from MiX Telematics that wholly interfaces with the company’s existing control room. Additional benefits have included improved fleet utilization, detailed reporting and greater asset security.

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South Africa | 1000, of which 600 vehicles equipped | Transport and Distribution

To reduce daily running costs, cut back mileage and improve operational efficiency, Avbob acquired a complete MiX Telematics fleet management solution from Hyper Auto. The system monitors vehicles for speeding, misuse or excessive idling, and creates detailed reports that help to implement the necessary corrective action. Results have included a drastic reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

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SPAR Kwa-Zulu Natal

South Africa | 102 trucks | Transport and Distribution

By closely monitoring its drivers’ behavior with the help of real-time vehicle data and system-generated violation alerts, SPAR Kwa-Zulu Natal has managed to cut back on over-speeding and excessive idling across its fleet. The result is that the company is better equipped to save on fuel and improve its fleet utilization.

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JCA Couriers Limited

United Kingdom | 14 | Service Fleets, Utilities

The right data at the right time is a sure-fire way to maximize a fleet’s efficiency. With the help of MiX Telematics’s GSM and GPS vehicle tracking and telematics technology, JCA Couriers Limited has achieved an overall 15% efficiency gain, along with a range of other benefits.

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Benton's Haulage

United Kingdom | 40 | Transport and Distribution, Service Fleets, Utilities

Keeping drivers’ eyes on the road and away from their mobiles with the help of the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager solution has improved road safety and driver concentration for Benton’s Haulage. This complete fleet management solution has further resulted in lower fuel and mobile phone costs, and has boosted customer service.

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Fergusons Transport

United Kingdom | 90 | Transport and Distribution

Fergusons Transport, part of the Fergusons (Blyth) Group, are the largest privately owned logistics business in the North East of England, operating from several locations throughout the UK.

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Jeavons Eurotir Limited

United Kingdom | 25 | Transport and Distribution, Service Fleets, Utilities

This express delivery company needed a solution to cut fuel expenses and provide exact delivery times to its customers. The fully integrated FM Communicator and FM Terminal solution from MiX Telematics has enabled just that, with the additional benefit of a direct communication channel with each driver.

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Karassulis S.A.

Greece,Italy | 25 trucks + 45 trailers | Transport and Distribution

Faced with the risk of vehicle, trailer and freight theft, this freight forwarding company, with routes between Italy and Greece, opted for a GPS-based tracking and recovery system from MiX Telematics. The system’s ability to help schedule routes has further optimized fleet utilization, saving the company a considerable amount of money.

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PepsiCo in Egypt

UAE | 3,000 | Transport and Distribution

In a country with extreme road safety concerns, PepsiCo in Egypt’s initiative to reduce its fleet’s risk has had a far-reaching effect. Using the MiX Telematics FM Communicator to monitor and reward its drivers for good road safety practices, the company has drastically reduced the number of traffic violations, lowered operational costs and boosted vehicle utilization.

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Martin Brower (formerly Keystone Distribution)

United Kingdom | 130 | Transport and Distribution

With the help of the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager Solution, Martin Brower has managed to keep up with the intense logistical demand from McDonald’s throughout the UK, while managing to reduce its fuel costs by up to 10% per year. New driver behavior targets have also slashed the number of driver errors by an average of 90%, reducing risk and wear-and-tear across the entire fleet.

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ETS Distribution Limited

United Kingdom | 24 | Transport and Distribution

Greater control over its fleet and fuel efficiency improvements of up to 10.3% have made ETS Distribution Limited a more profitable company. Thanks to the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager solution, the right vehicle data facilitates better business decisions, provides smarter customer service and helps to maintain a flexible and pro-active approach to its customers’ needs.

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